Workouts - Last Week Today - October 16

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgI am in my 14th week of training for the Houston Half and my 3rd week of training for the Houston Marathon. The 2 training plans are peacefully co-existing.  I have 2 more weeks until the Houston Half!

This week, I had a great week of training! Here's how my week shook out:

Sunday - 11 miles easy. I wasn't sure how I would feel after the hard effort at the 10 mile race the day before, but I had a great run!  I think the coolish temps helped!


Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 4 miles easy & 5 stride outs with Anam & body weight exercises.


Wednesday -  Rest/Lawn work.

Thursday - 4 miles - 1 mile w/up & c/down with 2 miles "fast" in between. I was supposed to do 3 miles "fast", but got stuck in some great Houston traffic on the way home and had to cut it early... it was dark when I started my cool down mile.



Friday - Rest.

Saturday - 5 miles easy with Sorcha.


Total Miles = 24

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  1. Did you ever think you'd ever say the words: 11 miles easy? LoL! Great week of training!

  2. Great week of training. As much as I hate running when it is cooler, it does make runs feel a bit easier.

  3. Right! My sister thinks I'm crazy when I tell her... oh, it was just an easy xx mile run today. Thanks!

  4. Thanks! Even just a few degrees seem to help, or at least lower humidity.

  5. Another strong week! I'm so impressed you can run AFTER work. I mentally cooked by then. (And my peeps are hungry for dinner!) I'm glad you are getting to take advantage of some cooler temps. Only two more weeks until the half? I know you must be getting excited. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  6. I find after work helps to de-stress from the day and commute. Thankfully, I can usually pick up a couple orders of summer rolls from the Pho restaurant on my way home and the hubs is set for dinner.

  7. Another great week of training for you! I ran after work yesterday and I thought how thankful I am that I've been converted to a morning runner lol.

  8. You're doing great girl! Really getting those miles in =)

  9. Hooray for another great week and coolish temps. It's cooling off here now too which makes runs that much more enjoyable!

  10. Great week of training! Love the chalk sidewalk sign.

  11. Amazing what a drop in a few degrees will do.