5 Things I'd Buy Again and Again


Happy Friday!  Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies for the Friday Five 2.0!  This week we're talking about things we would never buy again. I'm fortunate to have had little to no buyers remorse when it comes to things that I have purchased for running... I could literally only come up with one thing. Today, I'm sharing more things that I would buy again and again.

  1. Triggerpoint foam roller - This is a bit of a torture device, but it makes my muscles happy!  I like that it is compact (13 inches long) and has a hollow core... very easy to pack if you are traveling to a race.

  2. Motivate Wraps - I love these workout friendly bracelets with motivational sayings on them. I wear them during races to help me remember to "dig deep". I have given my nieces a few, and they wear them regularly.

  3. Injinji Toe Socks - I recently discovered these socks and decided to give them a try. I wasn't sure that I would like them, but after my first run with them, I am hooked!  My toes can splay naturally and it helps prevent those pesky between the toe blisters!

  4. Trail Toes - I was looking for something specific at helping to reduce toe blisters and had come across this item.  I have tested this on long runs (15 and 16 miles) and it really works! No more using friction defense on my feet.

  5. Dr. Cool Wrap - Goodbye bulky ice packs and ziplocks with ice cubes! This wrap is similar to an ace bandage... it is flexible and easy to wrap around your injured area.  You wet it, place it in the freezer and then wrap.  One end has Velcro on it, so it keeps it snug and easy to close.  

What items would you buy over again? Do you have buyers remorse from anything you have purchased?

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!


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  1. Oh that Dr. Cool wrap looks way more convenient than my ice packs! I want to get one but I'm afraid I'll need it. ;)

  2. I <3 my TriggerPoint roller! It works ev-ery-whereeeeeeeeeee!:)

  3. I have never seen the Dr. Cool Wrap....looks like a great (and super convenient) must-have!

  4. That Dr Cool Wrap looks really cool! must look into it now!!

    I love injinji socks!!

  5. It is super convenient... I even take it to work when I need it.

  6. It is... I can even bring it to work and ice whatever ails me without it being a hassle/side show.

  7. They are toe savers :-)