Workouts - Last Week Today - December 4

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgI'm in my 10th week of training for the Houston Marathon. Race day is 6 weeks away!!

Nothing noteworthy stood out this week.  I enjoyed all my runs... work got in the way of leaving early a couple times, but I was able to adjust to a different day of the week with ease.  I'm finding that running on Monday nights with the Gooses Acre Running club helps a lot (the hubs feels better even if I am out running after dark, at least there are other runners with me). Overall, I had great week of training!

Here is how my week played out:

Sunday - 16 miles - LSD..


Monday - 7 miles total... 1 mile warm-up/cool-down with 5 miles tempo. Ran this with the Gooses Acre Run Club.


Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday -  Rest.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - 4 miles easy + strideouts with Anam. We took a detour through a street I've nicknamed Electric Avenue... tons of Christmas lights... I need to snap a picture of it light up at night time.


Saturday - 5 miles easy. This one was soggy and cold!  I managed to get the miles in before heading over to help some friends move.


Total Miles = 32

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  1. Haha. We have an Electric Avenue as well. Some people really go overboard! Glad you had a good week of workouts! Hard to believe it's only 6 more weeks!

  2. There was a house in Panama City Beach that had about 50 of those blowup Christmas decorations in the front yard. Keeping it classy!

    Great week of training!

  3. I LOVE evening runs this time of year because there's so much light from the decorated houses...and all the snow (at least in Iowa LOL) reflects it, so you really don't need a light source ;-)

  4. I usually run through the park so I haven't been able to run past Christmas lights yet. I'm hoping to do a run through town soon. Seeing Christmas displays makes the run more festive!

  5. And week looks like it went down very smooth for you! Congrats on your 16 miler!
    I love looking at all the Christmas decorations around!!!!
    Thanks Vicki for linking up with us!

  6. You had a very strong training week! Wow your marathon is almost here! I really appreciate the people who leave their Christmas lights on overnight. It's like I have my own pre-dawn, holiday light show. I thought just this morning I should be running with my phone! Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  7. I can't believe that this year is just flying by!

  8. I have been able to run later because of all the light from everything being lit up!

  9. Yes, there is just something magical about coming across Christmas displays on the run.

  10. It seems really magical getting to run amongst the Christmas lights.

  11. Wow... that had to be a vision!