December Coffee Date

wp-1472756999291.jpgToday I'm joining the Ultimate Coffee Date for some catching up!

If we were having coffee, you would notice that I'm drinking tea.  I gave up my coffee addiction several years ago.  I usually drink a cup of yerba mate in the morning and then a cup of green tea. Every now and then I induldge in coffee... but it is just one cup vs. the pot I used to drink.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you all about the fun I had when my family came to visit over Thanksgiving.  My nieces went on a run with me, we did the Run Thru The Woods as a family on Thanksgiving day.  We also did touristy things... I had never done like Space Center and the San Jacinto Battleground/Monument.  Thanksgiving dinner ended up being traditional, the onlly 2 requests were meat and mashed potatoes. Hopefully this will start a new tradition.


If we were having coffee, I'd have to ask how your Christmas shopping was going.  Mine - I haven't started.  Although I did organize an Angel Tree at my work, and that shopping is done. For my Angel, I shopped online at Amazon... gifts were supposed to be delivered on Thursday and Friday, but they haven't made it here yet :-( Looks like I'll be shopping over the weekend since they are being picked up on Monday.  I love Amazon, but it always seems like the shipping always fails when it is important.


If we were having coffee, I'd ask how your holiday decorating is coming along... is your tree all decked out?  We don't really decorate for the holidays... well, because pets (can't have anything nice). The hubs usually puts up lights outside, but we haven't even done that yet. Oops!


If we were having coffee, I'd tell that there is finally a break in the rain... and I've got to go get my 5 miles in for the day!


Well, that catches me up... what would you tell me, if we were having coffee?

I'm linking up with Got 2 Run 4 Me, Fitness Mom Wine Country, & Confessions of a Mother Runner for the Ultimate Coffee Date!


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  1. your family run sounds like so much fun! Looks like December is off to a great start for you. Happy holidays and thanks for joining us for coffee

  2. Hope you enjoyed clear skies for your 5-miler!

    We don't really celebrate Christmas, which means no shopping or decorating for me. I do hope to do some baking this year, though.

  3. I haven't done any Christmas shopping whatsoever. ._. I was planning on just taking my parents out for dinner and treating them to whatever they wanted though? :D? (I adore Amazon too though, hehehe.) Glad you got a little break from all that rain!

  4. I love that big Santa- is that yours? My house decorating is all up to the husband outside and me on the inside- so outside has become bigger and more for the kids every year- they would LOVE a big blow-up Santa or snowman like this! I just need a bit on the mantel and a tree inside!

  5. I hope you got your run in! We put up our tree today. It's a bit earlier than usual, but now we can enjoy it longer.

  6. It was fun! Have a great holiday season!

  7. It started pouring on my at the halfway point... bummer! I haven't done any holiday baking in years... I really should try to do some this year.

  8. That sounds like a splendid idea. My Christmas shopping is pretty light, and it is usually gift cards :-)

  9. This Santa isn't mine... I saw it when I was out on a run... this one neighborhood is decorated crazy good!

  10. I got my run in... it started pouring at the halfway point.

  11. I really haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, I'm the worst! We have an angel tree at work so I will be giving a couple children some holiday gifts.

    I'm also in need of decorations, I need to start shopping!

  12. I usually fail at the Christmas thing... 11 days left! :-)