January Runfessions


I'm linking up with the lovely ladies today for Friday Five 2.0 and the fabulous Marcia for Runfessions.  First of all, how is it already the end of January!

I have a few things on my mind to Runfess...

To tell you the truth... I'm still living on my "marathon high" ... and sometimes in disbelief that I ran 26.2 miles.  Meb was right when he said that it would be life changing.

I am really hooked on Yin Yoga. I took my first class a couple of weeks ago, there were several newbies in the class so the teacher explained a little what it was ... during which he said that it was all about training your mind to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am usually drawn to a more physical type of yoga, but there is something to be said for training your mind... I can see it helping me in running and in life in general (the hip opener poses are quite therapeutic as well). It is hard, but just in a different way.

While I have set my running goals for the year, I'm still working on what personal goals/aspirations I want to set for the year. I do have some ideas - get into a regulary meditation practice, get out of bed when my first alarm goes off... I just need to commit to them.

I have signed up as a volunteer at my local marathon in March!  I'm excited to "pay it forward".   I planned it so I will be able to cheer on the runners as they pass by my neighborhood, then go volunteer.  So if anyone is running The Woodlands Marathon... look for me around mile 4 and at the finish line!

On a serious note... a woman was grabbed while walking her dog on a pathway near where I run.  Thankfully, her dog (a Rottweiler), attacked the assailant and nothing more happened, unfortunately he got away.  This incident has set off my "safety officer"... as it probably should, but we are currently at odds.  I have upped my precautions of safety while running... running with the dogs or in a group, carrying mace, leaving headphones at home ... but my "safety officer" is not pleased with my decision to keep running.  While I know this is serious, I just refuse to let fear cripple me.

What do you have to runfessions do you have?  Have you considered not running or taking it inside due to a safety incident near you? 

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup and with Marcia's Healthy Slice for Runfessions.

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  1. Thankfully, I live in a fairly small town, so there aren't too many unsafe places where I run (of course, any place can be unsafe is the wrong person enters the scene). Like you, I try to up my safety & be more aware of where I am, etc. and refuse to stay inside. I"m not gonna let fear win this battle ;-)

  2. I don't run with music, and running with Bandit is only an occasional thing -- but hey, we know he bites when motivated! I also know that my husband worries about my safety.

    I use the Road ID app so he knows where & when I'm running . . . when I remember to actually turn it on. Sometimes I've run a mile or two before I remember to do that.

    So far, thankfully, nothing has kept me off the roads/paths and I hope that nothing ever does.

  3. Sorry to hear about the incident and thank heavens for that dog. Who in their right mind grabs a woman with a freaking Rottweiler?? I've been accused of "putting myself out there" but I too refuse to let fear stop me from running. My husband knows where and how long I plan to be out and he can track me on my phone if he wants.
    I'm so glad you're still riding high. Marathons are totally life changing. Good on you for volunteering at one too. That will give you another unique perspective and you'll know exactly what the runners are going through.

  4. I just love Yin Yoga! I wish those classes were more available.

    The marathon really is life changing, isn't it? There is no better feeling than crossing that finish line!

  5. That incident is terrible, Im sorry its something you have to worry about. But really we should all always be aware and diligent, because something could happen anywhere and at any time. Ive never tried Yin Yoga but it sounds like a really good challenge!

  6. I have not tried yin yoga I wonder if they have that at my place? And you just reminded me that I need to get there this week

  7. I have never taken yin yoga. But like you I like more movement in yoga( such as flow or hot) but maybe I should try this class if you were a fan. Everyone can benefit with training your mind a bit.

  8. Safety first! I try to always be cautious be like you I don't want it to stop me in my tracks! Congrats on the marathon- I can't imagine funning that many miles!!!

  9. You should ride that high, girl! You accomplished something ah-mazing =D
    If you figure out to set up a regular meditation practice, share with us. I've been trying for years to figure that one out with no luck. I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that I do not have a quiet mind haha ;)
    And good for you for volunteering at a race! It's something I have never considered, but should totally do as one of the things that keep me going are the awesome cheerleaders. Are you going to make a funny poster?
    And that is so scary about the woman that was grabbed! Oh my goodness. I'm glad she was ok, but it's terrible that he got away. Just be careful when you're running. I understand about your "safety officer". My husband gets nervous when I go running and we've never even had an incident like that here. Stay safe!

  10. I will... the meditation is tough, but maybe with regular practice it will get easier?? I'm planning on making a funny poster... I'll definitely share it here.