Welcome 2017!

I love New Year! I enjoy reflecting on the outgoing year as I dream of what I want to accomplish for the incoming year.  Most people I know make New Year Resolutions and they seem to be focus on a negative aspect of yourself.  I like to create New Years Aspirations and have them focus on making myself a better person.

Among my Aspirations this year are the following:

  • Run my first marathon

  • Run 1,200 miles this year

  • Half Marathon PR - sub 2:02:38

  • Try out trail running

January Goals

During the 2nd half of last year, I began setting monthly goals to help keep me on track.  I plan to do the same thing this year.  My January goals mostly revolve around prepping for my marathon the 15th of the month:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink at least 64 oz water/day

  • Foam roll like it's my religion... daily

  • Double up on yoga... 2x/week

  • Clean up eating... cook own meals, limit junk food and sweets


What goals do you have for 2017?  Do you make monthly goals?

I'm linking up with Cowgirl Runs and Carmy for the Monthly Goals link-up.

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  1. Great goals Vicki! I'm thinking of running my first half this year.

    I need to foam roll more, I'm so lazy with it but it's the only thing that helps my IT band issues.

    Good luck in your marathon!

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  3. Thank you! Yes, I tend to get lazy with foam rolling too, but it makes everything feel so much better!

  4. These are great goals! Very attainable.
    I'm a goal setter. I tend to set yearly & monthly goals.
    1200 miles??? Damn girl! That's awesome =) Good luck on beating your half marathon PR, that's so great. I'd like to hydrate and foam roll more myself - those are two very excellent goals.

  5. Yea... 1200... I think it's do-able, I've got a few more half marathons on my schedule this year AND I signed up to run the Houston Marathon again next year.

  6. Goodness, January went so quickly I didn't manage to stop by until now. My apologies and thank you for linking up!

    Good luck with your first marathon! I love seeing people take the leap with marathons!