2016 Goal Recap

Happy New Year! 

Today... I'm looking back to 2016.  I'm still formulating my goals and aspirations for 2017, and will share them with you later this week.


In 2016, I had three main goals for the year:

1.  Run 1,000 miles in 2016. I finished up the year with 1,052...  Exceeded!


2.  Run 4 Half Marathons in 2016.  I ran 5 Half Marathons throughout the year... Exceeded!











3.  Register for and start training for the 2017 Houston Marathon.  Done and done!  I'm in the taper now... anxiously awaiting race day. Complete!

I'm happy that I was able to meet each one and remain healthy.  I'm really looking forward to 2017 and the things that I may achieve!

How did you do against your 2016 goals?

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  1. Nice job on exceeding goals! Have a great race!

  2. Wendy@Taking the Long Way HomeJanuary 5, 2017 at 1:12 AM

    Congrats! I always have a goal of 1000 miles/year! Love that you exceeded it. Good luck on your marathon!

  3. It was touch and go earlier in the year. Thanks!

  4. Nice job completing & exceeding your goals for the year. That's awesome! I can't believe how many miles you ran. It has inspired me to keep track of my running so I know my mileage for the year as it's not something I have done in the past.

  5. Thank you. It's interesting to total up those miles and then think about how far that really is!