Workouts - Last Week Today - February 5

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgAnother easy week this week.  My next race is the Galveston Half Marathon next Sunday.  I'm just keeping my running to 4 days a week with one of them being a long run.

Although I do have a race on the horizon, I'm not too worried about it.  I am actually thinking about running that race as a "fun" run.

This is how my week ended up:

Sunday - 8 miles easy

Monday - 3 miles easy... enjoyed it with the Gooses Acre Running Club.

Tuesday - Yin Yoga.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 3 miles progressive.

Friday - Rest.

Saturday - 4 miles easy with Anam.

Total Miles = 18

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap.


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  1. There are times I miss those easy weeks, but it'll all be worth it come race day! I'm just getting into the meat of my training for my next half.

  2. You look so happy running I love it! Have a great week

  3. I'm pretty jealous that you get to run in shorts this time of year!!

  4. I used to run with one of my dogs until a kid ran up to pet her and she crossed in front of me to get away. I pulled a groin muscle trying not to step on her and couldn't run for a long time. Your picture with Anam makes me miss it though. I hope you have fun at your next half marathon. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  5. Anam is so pretty! I love running with my dog too!
    I too love races where they are just for fun!
    Have a great week Vicki!

  6. The easy weeks are a reward for working hard!

  7. HA! We haven't had much of a winter.

  8. In the early goings, I tripped over one of them... got a really banged up elbow. Oh... and then there was the time she literally dragged me on the ground chasing after a squirrel... fun times ... I need a helmet ;-)