Workouts - Last Week Today - April 2

Workouts Last Week TodayWelcome to my weekly workout recap, today I'm recapping my workouts from last week today.

I had a solid week of running this week.  This week I continued with my plank-a-day and I got in runs 4 times this week (twice with the dogs).

After my half marathon on the 19th, I took the week off.  I felt good this week, upping my weeknight mileage a bit. Since I ran Sunday, I had some flexibility with my run days during the week... and I needed it, I had a some fun times with cramping on Monday and Tuesday.

Workouts Last Week Today:

Sunday - 10 miles easy... it was a beautiful day, but I waited too long to get out in it, it was pretty steamy.  I also got my first sunburn of the season... I ran a new route and didn't plan for the extra sunlight.  1:00 plank.

Workouts Last Week Today

Monday - Rest. 1:00 plank.

Tuesday - Rest. 1:00 plank.

Wednesday - 4 miles easy with my sweetie Anam. We are loving the extra daylight in the evenings!  1:00 plank.

Thursday - 4 miles easy with my sweet girl Sorcha. She needed a little encouragement this week.  1:00 plank.

Friday - Rest. 1:00 plank.

Saturday - 8 miles easy. Got out later than I had planned (I am totally not a morning person)... it was a gorgeous run. 1:00 plank.

Total Miles = 26

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  1. Love, love, love your colourful socks! Great week of training after your week of rest.

  2. Great job on your runs! It is always fun to run with you dogs during easy runs. I'm sure they like that too.

  3. Everything looks so green in your pictures. I waited too long to start my long run on Sunday and it got hot very quickly! I'm not looking forward to summer runs. It's great you run with your dogs. I used to, but have gotten out of the habit. I should take them out for short runs just for (their) fun. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  4. Thanks! It is fun, plus they usually keep the pace at "easy".

  5. Funny you say that, I was just noticing on the way home from work yesterday how everything is looking so green.

  6. I would love to go for a run at the same places as you do, Vicky! Amazing!