Running With The Cows Goals

Racing Weekend Goals

Happy Friday! I'm a little excited today, because in just a few hours I'll be clicking my heels together and going "back home" to Kansas to spend a week with my family and friends.  While I'm there I will be doing a couple races, the first of which is tomorrow - Running with the Cows.  I had so much fun at this race last year, I had to plan my trip around it so I could run it again this year (even my nieces who ran the 5k last year, thought it should be an annual event).

running with the cows goalsThis year in addition to my nieces, my nephew will also be running and my sister will be walking the 5k... it's going to be a great family event.  I think my mom will be coming along to hold coats and to cheer us along.

Running with the Cows Goals

  1. Have fun!! This is the most important goal... I mean seriously, why do it if it isn't fun?

  2. Start out slow... run 2nd half of race faster than 1st half.

  3. Time goals... sub 2:08

  4. Be confident... trust in the work I've put in.

  5. Hydrate like a boss the day prior.

 Do you make goals other than time for your races?

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  1. Have a fantastic weekend visiting your family. Good luck at your race! Have fun!

  2. Have a great weekend and good luck with your race! :)