Workouts - Last Week Today - April 14

Workouts Last Week TodayWelcome to my weekly workout recap, today I'm recapping my workouts from last week today.

This week I only got in 1 run, aside from my half marathon on Saturday.  I opted to cut back on my runs as I was feeling a bit sore and decided to focus more on foam rolling and stretching so my legs would feel fresh for my half.

I started my 30 burpees for 15 days challenge on Tuesday, 5 days in and it is HARD!

Workouts Last Week Today:

Sunday - 8 miles... slow.

Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - 30 burpees.

Wednesday - 30 burpees.

Thursday - 30 burpees.

Friday - 30 burpees.

Saturday - 30 burpees. Running with the Cows half marathon (recap coming soon)


Total Miles = 21

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap.


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  1. Not sure all those burpees will let your legs get fresh, but they may get stronger!

  2. Lol, i don't think they did... I was wondering why they still felt a little sore after 2 days of burpees and 3 days of foam rolling am/pm :-)

  3. I think resting up after a half is a good thing -- but I'm with Coco -- burpees are not exactly resting!

  4. You deserve some time off from running after finishing a half! I incorporate a lot of burpees into my class at the gym and they hate it!

  5. 30 Burpees? Wow! That would be a huge challenge for me. LOL. I think that is the cutest name for a Half Marathon. I'd run it just for that. I hope you saw a lot of cows! And, I can't wait to see what the medal looks like. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  6. How do you feel after the Burpee challenge?

  7. Yes, those burpees are not restful!

  8. I'm not a fan of the burpee either, I thought that doing this would make them easier, and maybe give me a little more strength. I'm counting down the days until I'm done!

  9. It's a HUGE challenge for me... only 3 days left. The medal is so cute! I'll have my recap up soon!