Workouts - Last Week Today - May 28

Workouts Last Week TodayWelcome to my weekly workout recap, today I'm recapping my workouts from last week today.

My vacation ended on Sunday, but not before I got a run in on the country roads before I left... bonus, it was cool out!   My 30 burpees for 15 days challenge came to an end this week, I was very happy to see that end.

I got in 4 runs this week, including one with my furry friend Anam.  I had some nice downtime too with the hubs after returning from my solo vacation.  My legs are finally starting to feel back to normal, I'm thinking the burpees took their toll on my legs.

Workouts Last Week Today:

Sunday - 4 easy miles. 30 burpees.


Monday - 30 burpees.

Tuesday - 30 burpees (last day of challenge - woot!).

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 6 easy miles.

Friday - 4 easy miles with Anam.

Saturday - 6 miles.  These were some hard miles... it was hot and steamy (when I finished it was 88 with a real feel of 103), summer has made it's return.

Total Miles = 20

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  1. Great job on those burpees and a great week of runs! I can't believe it was that hot during your Saturday run!!

  2. My coach uses burpees for punishment, if that tells you anything about burpees! Glad you survived the challenge.

  3. I think 30 burpees a day would pretty much kill me. Nice week!

  4. Thanks! It definitely was a warm one, I wasn't prepared for it to be that hot!

  5. Barely... I STILL don't think my legs have recovered!

  6. My legs are still not quite recovered from the burpees.