Fitting It All In - Running + Vacation

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Happy Friday! I'm ready for a little TGIF... this week has been a doozie, to say the least.  I'm joining in with the Friday 5 fun today, where the topic is running + vacation.

I've got vacation on my mind a lot these days,  I just came back from vacationing in Kansas... and I'm about to leave out on a vacation in Jamaica.  It takes a little finessing to be able to keep your fitness routine up while you are on vacation.  I've been successful at it and I've failed miserably.  These are some tips to be a success!

Fitting it All In - Running + Vacation

  1. Communicate!  If you want to run while you are on vacation, the best way to do it is to communicate with your people.  Let them know that you want to spend x amount of time running so that they can plan accordingly. Who knows, they may want to join you!

  2. Wake up early and get it done. This one works really well if the people you are with like to sleep in... you can get your running or workout in before they are even out of bed. No one is the wiser!

  3. Prepare in advance... research to see if the area is safe for running, or if there is a gym on site.

  4. Plan in advance.  If you don't want to tackle that long run when you are on vacation, schedule in a cutback week so you just have lower mileage.

  5. Be ok with missing a run or two... there may be a possibility that your too tired, or aren't feeling up to running.  Be ok with that, chances are you are walking/swimming/hiking a lot more that you do when you aren't on vacation, a couple missed runs aren't going to do that much to your fitness level.

Do you make sure to run on vacation?  Do you have any tips to make it happen?

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  1. Yes to waking up early and getting it done. There's nothing worse than holding everyone up just to fit a run in. The amount of guilt! Gah...

    Great tips!

  2. I usually try to run on vacation, but it certainly is NOT a priority. Like you said, I know a few missed runs (or a scaled back week) will not do much (if any) damage to your training.

  3. Communication and being ok with being a little "selfish" is so important. Just like the rest of the year! Also, don't forget your sports bra, lol

  4. Yea... the hubs can dish out a lot of guilt, but I think waking early and limiting it is the way to go.