Walking on Clouds - Mizuno Wave Sky Review

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Walking on Clouds Mizuno Wave Sky ReviewMizuno Wave Sky #wavesky

With marathon training looming on the horizon, I've been thinking a lot about what shoes I wear to become marathon ready.  So, when the opportunity to try out a pair of Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes came, the timing was right.  I have never tried Mizuno shoes before, so I was excited to give them a go.

The Mizuno Wave Sky is a neutral show with cloudwave (r) technology.  It has the most u4icX foam of any shoe that Mizuno makes.  They are fairly lightweight, weighing in at 9.3 oz, and have a 10mm drop.

Walking on Clouds Mizuno Wave Sky Review

When they arrived, I couldn't help but tear open the package and get a sniff of that new shoe smell.  Upon looking at them, I noted that they didn't seem too clunky for a max cushioned shoe.  Secondly I noticed that the toe box seemed a little narrow, this worried me as I have a huge bunion on my left foot and need a wider toe box.

The Wave Sky shoes seemed sturdy, but lightweight.  I couldn't wait to lace them up and take them for a spin.

Walking on Clouds Mizuno Wave Sky Review

Upon lacing up, the very first thing I noticed was how cushy these shoes are... it was like walking on clouds.  Thoughts of how cushioned my feet would feel during the upcoming long runs danced in my head.  I headed out for a easy 4 mile run, and enjoyed the cushioning of the shoes.  The fit felt like a glove... a very plush glove. The mesh outer allowed some air movement in the shoes, which felt really nice on the hot Houston day.

Walking on Clouds Mizuno Wave Sky Review

After mile 2, I noticed that my left foot started hurting... that toe box that I was worried about was squishing my toes.  I tried lacing the shoes a little differently to account for my wide forefoot, but it didn't help enough. These shoes aren't going to work out for the long run. However, I will be replacing my dog walking shoes with these, so all is not lost.

Don't let my experience hinder you from trying out the Wave Sky.  I really enjoyed the cushioning and the responsiveness that I felt from them, if it wasn't for my bunion, they'd be in my shoe rotation.

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  1. That's too bad that the shoes don't work for you. I've been loving them, even though I was a little concerned at first about the toebos. I wore them for my half marathon last week and they worked great!

  2. They are sooo comfy until I go past 2 miles... They work great for walking!