Chicago Marathon Training - Week 7

Workouts Last Week TodayI'm recapping the past week of training for the Chicago Marathon.  This was Chicago Marathon Training - Week
7 in the training cycle. This week had some challenging workouts!

As I have been for the majority of this training cycle, 75% of my workouts have been on the treadmill.  I had 2 different speed work sessions this week, and I know that there would have been no way to meet those paces outdoors without keeling over from heat stroke.

Everything seems to be clicking together for me on this training cycle.  I have put forth an effort to eat cleaner, I am getting in my cross-training and strength training each week.  I've just got to keep pushing through and continuing the forward progress!

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 7:

Monday - 1 mile w/up & c/down 7x.50 mi at 5k pace with 0.1 mi recovery

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 7

Tuesday - 30 minutes on recumbant bike; strength session focusing on bi's, tri's, shoulders, glutes, and quads; 1:00 plank.

Wednesday - 1 mile w/up & c/down, 4 miles at 10k pace; 1:00 plank

Thursday - Rest; 1:00 plank

Friday - Strength session focusing on bi's, tri's, shoulders, glutes, and quads; 4 miles easy on treadmill.

Saturday - 14 miles easy.

Chicago Marathon Training - Week 7


Sunday - Rest.

Total Miles = 30

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  1. It's great to see you still knocking out your workouts Vicki! I'm trying to get back into the routine of blogging with my new schedule! Fingers crossed I can find a happy medium!

  2. Great job with your running this week!

  3. Great job with your workouts this week. Less than 2 months until Chicago - yay!

  4. My eating has not been very good this summer. I made a conscious decision to take a training break and run low mileage, Oddly, my food choices seem to fall apart. I've got to get back on board with training and eating. I can't blame you for running on the TM in your steamy summer weather!