Houston Marathon Training - Week 11

Chicago Marathon training - week 13

This week marks week 11 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon is in the books.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training - Week 11. 7 days until race day!

This week I returned to work from a little break between the holidays. We had some cold weather for our part of the nation, and it was very hard to get out of my warm bed.  I have to admit, the warmth of the bed won out over the 4am wake up call a few days.  So, I didn't get cross-training in, but I managed to get in all my runs.

I dialed it in on my nutrition this week. For lunches I made a delicious winter harvest salad (recipe coming tomorrow), and Cauliflower Korma too!

I also lost a ton of weight this week... on my head.  Saturday afternoon I went to the hairdresser and decided to do something drastic.  I went shorter and darker!

Houston Marathon Training - Week 11

Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 1 mile w/up & c/down, 3x1600 with 400 recovery.

Friday - 1 mile w/up & c/down, 3 mile tempo.

Saturday - 8 miles.

Sunday - Rest.


Total Miles = 18.5

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. I love the new look! I think it's a good omen for your race. So excited to see how you do!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Cute haircut! I am overdue for a haircut. I don't blame ya, those 4am wake up calls are never any fun!

  3. Your hair looks fantastic! I've been thinking about going short again. How exciting that the marathon is here. I'm sure you'll do great. It's so hard getting up at 4 am. Just think, you can sleep in after the race as much as you want! Thanks for linking!

  4. Your hair!!! Totally cute! I have mostly 5:20 a.m.wake-ups (except for the days I do my #5at5's...when I'm waking up at 4:20). I'm a pretty easy "early riser"...but 4:00 a.m. would be tough. Isn't it odd how it's been so unseasonably cold everywhere lately?

  5. OMG that new haircut is absolutely fabulous on you! I love the length and the new darker color!!
    I can't believe that the marathon is almost here! I have enjoyed following your training journey and I hope that you have a kick-ass race!

  6. Wow, you really did lose some 'hair weight'! Looks super cute and will help you FLY in Houston! Good luck!!

  7. Love, love the new look! And congratulations for reaching this stage of your training! Best of luck in your final week and I will be back for the race recap. Best of luck!

  8. Thanks Kim! (it feels like yesterday we were in Chicago).

  9. 4am is tough... I really struggle in the morning. This winter has been crazy!

  10. Thanks! I'm planning on taking a week off from running... but I may still head into the gym early to do some strength or cross training.