Winter Harvest Salad

Winter Harvest Salad...

Does anyone else go to the store without a plan and then end up loading up on ALL the vegetables?

I did that last week at Trader Joe's.  I hadn't planned what I was cooking for the week and when I got there, everything looked good!

When I saw they had a couple new salad dressings that were vegan and oil free, I immediately wanted a salad!

I came up with this combo with all my finds from Trader Joe's... I call it Winter Harvest Salad.

Acorn Squash sliced verically, seeded, then sliced into 3/4" slices
Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil
Roasted Brussels Sprouts, warmed and sliced in half
Cruciferous Crunch
Baby Beets, room temp and sliced
Baked Tofu, chopped
Almond Butter Turmeric Dressing
Toss the acorn squash with olive oil and the salt & pepper. Arrange on a baking sheet and roast in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes. Allow to cool for a bit.

Arrange all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!

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  1. Brussels, beets and tofu all of my faves in one spot! Thanks for linking up with us today for meatless Monday

  2. I can't imagine going to the store without a list to follow, Id buy EVERYTHING then get home and not know what to do. LOL this looks so good!

  3. LOL I have definitely done that at the supermarket before. All the produce looks so fresh and yummy so it's hard not to buy everything!
    Looks like all those random veggies came together to make a yummy salad!

  4. This does sound good. Is it kind of a warm salad?

  5. I always have a plan. :) I'm a good cook, but in general, not a good recipe developer. This sounds delish -- except for the acorn squash. I could always sub butternut, though!

  6. I like to have a plan... and I don't like to go to the store hungry, . I think butternut would work great in this.

  7. Kinda... or at least room temp.

  8. I'm really bad at wanting all the food if I don't go in with a list or a plan.

  9. Oh, yea... me too! I really try not to go without a list.

  10. it's a salad bowl full of goodness!