Why You Should Run A TROT Race

Last year I ran my first trail race with Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) at Brazos Bend 50 and I fell in love with running on the trails.  I went on to run a couple more trail races that year, and my second TROT in September (Mission Tejas).  It was then that I knew I wanted to become more involved with Trail Racing Over Texas. I love TROT races and have some reasons why you should run a TROT race.

In my experience, the TROT races were different... it felt like a community. Since then, I have become a TROT Ambassador, and have volunteered at a few races.  I always have had so much fun at their races, and I'm looking forward to running and volunteering at many more.  In fact, this weekend I'm headed out to SFA State Park to work a few more volunteer shifts.

Why You Should Run a TROT Race

  1. There is a race for everyone... with distances from 5k to 200 miles and terrain from flat and easy to mountains.

  2. All the extras! Awesome medals, aid stations that look like buffets, extra swag, free race photos.

  3. They really know how to treat their volunteers... free camping, food, swag.  If that isn't enough, every shift you work earns you 50% off a future race registration (for 100 mile/24 hour races and below).

  4. It's a community, you really feel like family.  Going to a TROT race is like a family reunion.

  5. TROT is a racing company that cares, they give back to the community and the parks.

If that doesn't convince you... check out this short movie. It tells the story of Trail Racing Over Texas.

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  1. This is so great that you have these races near you! Sounds fun. Thanks for linking up!

  2. These sound like great races! Ive never done a trail race so that part would make me nervous, but its nice that there is such a community to this!

  3. Well, I wish I lived a little closer to Texas and I'd be there in a heartbeat. This sounds a lot like the two ultras I did (2015 & 2016, in the Chicago area)...totally family-like atmosphere and TONS of real food ;-)