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Rosemary White Beans

The first time I had the Braised White Beans at Zoe's Kitchen, I loved them.  What I didn't love was the amount of oil that they seemed to have.  Enter my Rosemary White Beans... they are creamy and flavored with rosemary.

I wanted to recreate them in my own way from scratch... but truth be told, I suck at cooking beans.  It never seemed to matter if I soaked them or how long I cooked them for, my beans were always crunchy or chewy.

Along came the Instant Pot... it promised cooked beans whether soaked or not soaked. I opted to cook my own beans for this and do it all in the Instant Pot.  This recipe was one of those that I made up as I went along.  I was really pleased with the results... especially that the beans weren't chew or crunchy!

I used navy beans, as that was all I could find when I went shopping.  Cannellini beans would work equally as good.
Rosemary White Beans Ingredients 1 lb navy beans, soaked overnight and drained Olive Oil for saute 1/2 onion, diced 4 clov…

2018 Galveston Half Marathon Recap

I ran the Galveston Half Marathon on Sunday, February 18.  In addition to the half marathon, there was also a marathon, 5k, and a kids 1 mile. This is my 2018 Galveston Half Race Recap. I ran this race in 2017, you can check out the recap from that race here.

Race day eve I headed to Subway... for my pre race dinner.  I've really found that the veggie sub with guac works really well for me stomach wise. I lined out my gear and got ready for bed somewhat early.

On race day morning my alarm went off at 3:30 am!  I made some coffee, took a shower, and grabbed a banana. I left house at 4:45 am. It's about a 90 minute drive to Galveston and I still needed to pick up my packet. I managed to make a pit stop at Buccees and still arrive in plenty of time.
2018 Galveston Half Marathon Recap
The race started and ended near Stewart Beach.  Parking was on the beach and very convenient to the start line.  There were plentiful port-a-cans, in addition to the flush toilets in the Stewart Beach Pa…

Goals for Brazos Bend 50k

Happy Friday!  Tomorrow is Brazos Bend 50!  I'm still planning on doing the 50k tomorrow, even though my training has been lackluster.  The weird sensation in the back part of my heel is gone.  Even though I haven't ran much this cycle, I'm still planning on completing this 50k.  Today I'm sharing my goals for Brazos Bend 50k.

Truth be told,  I'm not really nervous about the race. Since it is a trail race and there is also a 100k, I literally have all day to finish. Granted, I don't want to be out there for over 12 hours!  Last year I ran the 25k.  The 50k is 2 loops of that course, I know what to expect.

[caption id="attachment_3670" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo credit Julie D.[/caption]
Goals for Brazos Bend 50k

Finish.  Since this is my first 50k, and my training hasn't been where I want it to be, I'm just shooting for a finish.
Don't get eaten by a gator.
Run when I can, but don't be afraid to walk as needed…