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Goal Race!

I've always enjoyed running in races.  I remember when the race bug bit me, I was a freshman.  I ran in the Macy*s 10k and was hooked! I continued search for races that I could run in when I wasn't training for track (that left fall/winter and summer). I found a race in Yuma, AZ that took place over winter break when I was visiting my grandparents and I ran in a 4th of July Freedom 5k in the summer.

Racing always helped me keep my training and running on track. Having a goal, like finishing a race or trying for a PR, has always helped me to keep on top of my running and training.  With that in mind, I decided to sign up for a 5k! This one is located close to home and should be fun!

Southern Star Brewing Co 5K

What motivates you to keep on track?

So... here we go!

My road to running...

I'm a "beginner"... again!

I have been away from consistent running for many, many years and it is hard thinking of myself as a beginner again.  Knowing that injuries come from piling on the mileage too soon and overuse it is necessary to be in the beginner mindset.  I find that the easiest way to get motivated and keep progressing is to have a plan. 

I started out slowly on the C25K plan (couch to 5k), great training program to go from walking/running to running a full 30 minutes without stopping.  I enjoyed seeing my progress go from "ugg, is this 90 seconds of running over YET" to "wow, that 10 minute run went by too fast" to "ah... a nice long 30 minute run, feels good".

When I was coming upon the end of the C25K plan, I began researching what I was going to do to continue my progress.  I looked at the B210K (bridge to 10k), but it felt like I would be taking a step backwards with my progress of running 30 minutes wit…