So... here we go!

My road to running...

I'm a "beginner"... again!

I have been away from consistent running for many, many years and it is hard thinking of myself as a beginner again.  Knowing that injuries come from piling on the mileage too soon and overuse it is necessary to be in the beginner mindset.  I find that the easiest way to get motivated and keep progressing is to have a plan. 

I started out slowly on the C25K plan (couch to 5k), great training program to go from walking/running to running a full 30 minutes without stopping.  I enjoyed seeing my progress go from "ugg, is this 90 seconds of running over YET" to "wow, that 10 minute run went by too fast" to "ah... a nice long 30 minute run, feels good".

When I was coming upon the end of the C25K plan, I began researching what I was going to do to continue my progress.  I looked at the B210K (bridge to 10k), but it felt like I would be taking a step backwards with my progress of running 30 minutes without a break as B210K was a run/walk plan. I really liked having the app on my phone to help me, I found RunKeeper and started using it.  It was free, included logging workouts, tracking with GPS, and some training plans.  I started with the Beginner 5k, which seemed like a good place to begin after the C25k.

I am now in week 4 of the Beginner 5k training plan and I am feeling like a stronger runner.  I remember what I loved about running.  My LSD (long slow distance) runs... now only 4ish miles are like going to my happy place. I know I must temper the desire to go longer with the need to add mileage slowly.

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