Braised Brussels Sprouts


wp-1476104914353.jpgI think brussels sprouts are one of the most under appreciated vegetables.

They are one of my favorite fall foods and are always on my Thanksgiving table.

The hubs always wants them covered with some orange cheese sauce, but once these come out of the oven... he forgets about the cheese (thankfully).

The original recipe is from the great Martha Stewart.  It used butter, which I replaced with coconut oil (refined) with good results.

I think braising/roasting them brings out the sweetness in them, plus I like the burnt bits!


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  1. I never used to like them until the past few years and now yum! thanks for linking up w us

  2. I only wish I liked Brussel Sprouts! My hubs loves them.

  3. Love me some Brussels! Just ate them last night :) Thanks for linking up and sharing!!

  4. Hmm. I've roasted Brussels sprouts but not boiled them first - what does that do? My son actually eats Brussels sprouts now so new recipes are welcome!

  5. They are super under appreciated! I hate to admit, but I used to be one of those people who didn't like them, until I figured out how to prepare them properly. I've never tried roasting them with coconut oil - sounds delicious!

  6. They are way too underrated! Lately they have become my favorite vegetable. I love them roasted or braised!

    PS - the recipe seems to be describing campfire burritos.

  7. oops! I better fix that :-)

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