Ten For Texas Race Recap

This past weekend I ran in the 10 For Texas race. It was a 10 mile race, my first at that distance.

The evening before I stopped at Luke's Locker to pick up my race packet on the way to get some dinner. I opted to fuel up at my favorite local healthy & green eatery, Ruggles Green. I had the veggie burger and sweet potato fries, it is a tested pre-race meal.

[caption id="attachment_1672" align="aligncenter" width="300"]wp-1476197601360.jpg veggie burger so good, I couldn't resist digging in before I took a picture[/caption]

My anxiety was on full throttle that evening for some reason, I was on edge about every decision and a nervous wreck.  Thanks to my sister for answering my endless texts (do you think it's ok to order dessert, should I carry a water bottle, what outfit should I wear, etc.).

[caption id="attachment_1673" align="aligncenter" width="300"]wp-1476197629026.jpg Flat Vicki - ready to run![/caption]

I was thankful that the race was so close to my house... I got to sleep in a bit longer than if it was an hour away... 4:15 am still came early!  I got my pre-race breakfast of toast with almond butter and half a banana in me along with a cup of  warm lemon water and yerba mate.  I headed out at a little after 6, there was very little traffic and parking was a breeze.  I sat in my car and cranked the latest Green Day album to get pumped up.
Parking wasn't too far from the start.  Porta-potties were plentiful and they even had the sinks to wash your hands! Bag drop was quick and easy (as was pick-up).

Before the 10 mile race, there was a 1 mile kids race... it was fun to watch the little ones run. I headed to the start with about 10 minutes to spare, as I walked past the porta-potties, I decided to stop again, just in case. I ended up getting to the start 1 minute before the gun went off, the starting line was packed and I could only get up to the 12 minute mile pace marker.

The temps were in low 60's & low humidity... perfect running weather.  The course was for the most part flat (the only incline was  over a bridge that we ran over twice), it was an out and back course and largely shaded by rows of trees that line the roads in this area.

Since I lined up near the end at the start, I spent the first mile running through people.  It was tight through the first mile and a half. Once I finally broke out of the group, I just ran.  I had planned to start at a 10:05 pace and increase my the pace 5 seconds with each mile, that didn't happen, I ran sub-10 minute miles the whole race, I didn't feel like I was going too fast ... it just felt good.

The water stops were plentiful and well manned.  I thought I read that there would be water stops at every 2 miles, but they were much more frequent than that at about every mile.  They had water and Gatorade... after the 2nd water stop I figured out that the cups were different (Gatorade was in a brand cup), I thought that was helpful... I hadn't noticed it before at any other race.

I wasn't expecting much as far as spectators and cheering.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There were some great cheer crews lining the medians of the road we ran on!


Post race festivities were... festive!  They promised a "Texas sized" post race party, and I suppose they delivered (although, if the post race party at RWTC was Kansas sized, I'd have to say Kansas is bigger than Texas :-)).  There was a lot of food - clementines, bananas... chicken strips... pickle pops ... breakfast tacos ... bagels... and beer. There were lots of sponsor booths and even a live band! After I changed into some recovery sandals and drank my recovery drink, I partook in some of the food, drink and entertainment.  It was a beautiful day to be outside!



The Ten for Texas was a very well organized and supported race in a lovely suburban setting.  The race is capped at 3,100, this year there were just under 1,800 running it.  It one of three annual races produced by The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department.

I would definitely recommend this race if you are looking for a 10 mile run to do in the Houston area.  While this was my first 10 mile race, it definitely won't be my last.

Before the race I did make some goals, let's see how I did against them:

  1. Start out slow (don't crash and burn in the beginning) ... run a reverse split race. My splits were all over the place (9:43/9:16/9:40/9:36/9:23/9:21/9:51/9:38/9:29/9:15), but I didn't crash and burn at the beginning. 

  2. Be confident... don't let race anxiety overwhelm me. Achieved!  While I had some anxiety issues the night before, I was pretty chill on race day, even when I was lined up way too far back at the start.

  3. Time goals ... I have an A, B, and C goal.  C goal - 1:43; B goal - 1:40, A goal - 1:38. Killed on this one!  Finish time 1:35:20!

  4. Execute on fueling and hydration strategy used during training runs. Achieved.  Fueled with 1/2 package Honey Stinger chews at 3 mi and 6 mi.  Took in water every 2 miles.

  5. Have fun! Achieved.

My post-race recovery consisted of some foam rolling followed by some chow from California Pizza Kitchen (tortilla soup, Mediterranean tortilla rolls and buffalo cauliflower ... yup, I ate around the globe), and chilling on the couch with the fur kids whilst having a Bridget Jones movie marathon.


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  1. Wow! Congrats on a great race! Way to crush your goals. This sounds like a fun one and look at that post-race food!

  2. Sounds like a great race! The 10M is my favorite distance. Enough of a challenge, but not as hard as 13.1. I have not heard of pickle pops - are they pickles on a stick?

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Way to go!! Crushed that goal! And that post-race festival does sound Texas-sized haha.

  4. Wow, great job! Way to set some goals and crush them!!!

  5. Congratulations on a fantastic race!! It's always great when you've got perfect weather and a relatively flat course, but it is frustrating when the first few miles are too crowded!

  6. Nice job! I love that you crushed your goals! I do love that 10 mile distance. It was nice of Mother Nature to come through with some decent weather too!

  7. Oooh interesting pre-race meal. I always stick with pasta, maybe I should switch it up.
    Haha I totally still get pre-race jitters, I think some of us just will forever ;)
    I triple love your race outfit! The socks & skull shorts especially.
    I'm always pleasantly surprised at the amount of people cheering on the sidelines. I feel like I should return the favour sometimes and do that myself for other runners.
    CONGRATS! You did awesome =) You broke through those goals - amazing!
    And I love your post-race ritual.

  8. I think it's pickle juice in a plastic sleeve. I took one home to try it out... I extended my "nothing new on race day" to the pickle pop post race :-)

  9. Thanks! It was the perfect storm I thought with the weather and course!

  10. Thanks! I am grateful to Mother Nature... it was definitely one of our best weekends in October!

  11. Sometimes I do pasta too... it just depends on what I'm in the mood for. Lunch is always a big salad pre-race. I'm planning on either volunteering or spectating for the local marathon in March... I think it would be a great way to give back.

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