Bleh... just bleh

The past few weeks of training have been tough to say the least.  I've been going through different scenarios trying to figure out why I've been so off.  I've been properly fueled, hydrated, rested... but I've felt sluggish during my runs, even in the beginning, so bad I have cut runs off early.  Every reasoning I can think of just doesn't make sense... is it because I'm going out early... is it because I'm listening to different music, is it because I'm eating too late, etc., etc., etc.  One bad day I can understand... but not almost 2 weeks worth of runs.  I even took an extra rest day last week and it didn't help.  What is even more concerning is that I have my 10k coming up in less than 2 weeks... will I be able to run the whole way.  I have been doing some reading and am hoping that it is a low iron issue.  I am going to start taking some iron supplements and hopefully that will fix the problem!

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