Workouts - Last Week Today - June 26


This week I got back in my routine of running (for the most part).  My mileage is low, and I'm ok with that. The heat is in full swing in Houston and I'm trying to get myself acclimated to it again. I am continuing to wear my Jawbone Up24 in the hopes that it motivates me to get 10k steps in, especially on the non-running days. I've found when I'm good, I'm good... then the bad days happen.

I signed up for 2 races in the upcoming months.  The Baytown Bud Heat Wave 5 Mile (doesn't the name just make you want to cringe?)... it is on the 4th of July.  I also signed up for the Southern Star Brewing Co. 5k... it is on August 6.

Here is how my week shook out:

Sunday - Easy 6 miles (average pace 11:54).  I managed to take a tumble within the first mile, and I learned my favorite trail is closed for repairs due to storm damage... had a good run anyway!  Total steps 18,453.


Monday - Rest. Total steps 3,514.

Tuesday - Easy 3 miler with Anam (average pace 11:25). Total steps 12,852.


Wednesday - Rest.  Took both dogs for a walk after dinner. Total steps 11,234.


Thursday - Easy 3 miler with Anam (average pace 11:21). Took Sorcha for a walk after the run. Total steps 13.140.

Friday - Rest. Total steps 5,285

Saturday - Not a thing. Can you say hangover... the hubs wanted martinis on Friday night, I really wished we had stopped at one. Did not wear the tracker... even though we went to Academy and Gander Mountain, I can't imagine my steps were much.

Total miles = 12

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  1. Oh, no! I hope you weren't hurt too badly in your fall. Of the two races you signed up for, the second sounds so much better! LOL. Congrats for getting back into the running swing. I'm working on the same thing. I'm just going to have to do it and quit my whining about the weather. Is Sorcha not a good runner? I'm curious because one of my dogs is and one isn't. Thanks for linking with us Vicki!

  2. Hope you weren't scuffed up too bad from your tumble. I agree the second race sounds much more fun. Have a great week and keep up the good work.

  3. I'm right there with ya! This week I'm hoping to get back into my running routine. I've been sleeping in lately and it's been to hot to run by the time I got around. Tomorrow that stops!!

  4. Nah... wasn't hurt too badlly, just a little scrape. Sorcha is a great running dog, lately she just hasn't wanted to go out for a run... I'm blaming the heat as she really doesn't want to be outside either.

  5. Nah... just got a little scrape, thankfully I was able to land on grass instead of concrete!

  6. I am the worst at sleeping in!

  7. Good for you for signing up for summer races!! I'm not sure I'm up for that this year. Those martinis get me too! ;) It is nice to have fun once in a while on a night out.

  8. I had to do something for some motivation... my running has been a little off!

  9. I just got a fitbit and it's definitely encouraging me to get 10k steps in each day. 10k is WAY more than I thought!

  10. I am the same way with steps. Either I have like 20,000 or I have 2,000. It's pretty funny/pathetic on my low step days, haha!

  11. Yes, like WAAY more :-)