Workouts - Last Week Today - September 25

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgI am in my 11th week of training for the Houston Half! This week my running took a back seat to rest.

This week, I began to feel incredibly tired. My legs felt heavy, and I just felt like I couldn't get enough sleep. Also, my anxiety and depressive issues started appearing again.

I had stopped taking iron supplements about month and a half ago, after reading that you shouldn't supplement with iron without a doctors guidance. (I had originally consulted Dr. Google about a year ago with fatigue and "lead leg" issues, and started supplementing with iron, which helped.)

I had started feeling a little off at the end of August. Knowing that I was eating more junk food than I normally do, I cleaned up my diet in September.  It hasn't seemed to help on the energy front.

I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday, which included lots of blood work. I'm hoping that I am just low on iron, or something else that is easily remedied.

Sunday - Rest.

Monday - 9 miles easy.


Tuesday - Rest.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 3 miles easy with Sorcha & bodyweight exercises.  (Had planned 6 miles, but when she was waiting for me at the front door after I laced up my running shoes... I knew my plans had to change).


Friday - Rest.

Saturday - Rest.  I had planned on 6 miles easy, but after I got home from a 6-hour car trip, I took a 6 hour nap!

Total Miles = 12

Weekly Wrap; and Nicole, Annmarie, Jen, and Michelle for Wild Workout Wednesday.

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  1. "Also, my anxiety and depressive issues started appearing again." I'm sorry to hear that Vicki. I also suffer from anxiety & depression and it's tough. Especially this time of year. Summer ends, the days get shorter and energy decreases. I know I have the most energy during the spring & summer and it peters out in the fall & winter. And my eating habits go awry as well... I'm trying to stick to healthy eats too.
    I find taking St. John's Wort in the fall & winter help. I hope everything goes well with your results.
    It sounds like your training is going really well =) Keep it up, girl!

  2. It is tough for sure... I will have to try some St. John's Wort this fall/winter.