5 Foods On My Thanksgiving Table


I'm linking up for the Friday Five 2.0!  This week we're talking about holiday foods. With Thanksgiving next week... I'm a little behind in planning out what will be on my Thanksgiving table.  I'm excited to have my family traveling down from Kansas to celebrate the holiday with me!

  1. Mashed potatoes... my niece Hannah told me that there MUST be mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.  I was surprised that that was the only requirement from my family as far as food goes.  I use this recipe from Anne Burrell with great results.  I substitute Earth Balance and So Delicious Creamer to make it plant based.

  2. Mommy's Mushroom Gravy ... from My Beef With Meat.  It is so good! I couldn't find the recipe online, but I did find a video for it.

  3. Braised Brussels Sprouts. Must.Have. wp-1476104914353.jpg

  4. Definitely, not a tradition... but this Persimmon and Spinach Salad from Flavor the Moments looks fantastic!

  5. Carrot Cake ... I'm known for 2 dessert recipes, this carrot cake from Beyond Parsley and Baileys Marbled Cheesecake.

What will you have on your Thanksgiving table?

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  1. We just made Brussels sprouts yesterday! They are delicious :)

  2. I think Brussel sprouts can have such a boring taste to them when they are just steamed. But if you do them in a different way and add alot of flavor I'm sure they are much tastier.

  3. I think steamed would be boring too!