Houston Marathon Training - Week 1

Chicago Marathon training - week 13

Last week I started my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon.  I'm recaping Houston Marathon Training - Week 1 today.

This training cycle I'm running only 3 times a week... this plan has a day for speedwork, tempo, and a long run.  I'm continuing to incorporate cross-training and strength training.

While my nutrition was pretty good last cycle, I am going to try to amp it up even more.  I think I can do that by limiting myself to just a "cheat meal" once a week versus a "cheat day".  Last week was a win as I prepped a weeks worth of lunches on Sunday, and had a plan for dinner that week too!  I've been cooking out of the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook.  the Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies are an awesome portable option to eat on the road from the gym to work.  I also had the Kale-Radicchio Salad with Farro and the Curried Lentil Soup with Charred Cauliflower for lunch this week.

On Sunday I ran a half marathon... my second Houston Half.  It's a really fun one, and the weather was spectacular!  I'll get a recap together later this week.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 1:

Monday - 30 minute bike, strength training - upper body.

Tuesday - 1 mile w/up & c/down, 10x400 & Yin Yoga.

Wednesday - 30 minute bike, strength training - legs.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 1


Thursday - 5 mile progressive run.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 1

Friday - Rest.

Saturday - Rest.

Houston Marathon Training - Week 1

Sunday - Houston Half Marathon.

Total Miles = 25

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  1. I find it hard training with just 3 x week -- I've done it, but basically it means every run REALLY has to count. For me the sweet spot is 4 x week -- I can get my mileage in without as much pressure. That's me, of course, everyone is so different.

    Love those sweet potato cookies, but like most things in her book, it really packs in a lot of calories. I just have a lousy metabolism and I always have to be mindful of what I eat. Maybe it would be different if I trained for a marathon, although no doubt I'd gain weight like I did training for my first half. My husband liked them too!

  2. nice first week training. love you just casually used the Houston Half as part of your training The sweet potato breakfast cookies sound great - I'll probably never be fully vegetarian, but I'm trying to sub in more vegetarian meals when I can, and that sounds like a nice place to start.

  3. I need to try those sweet potato breakfast cookies! Are you watching a grilled cheese sandwich on the treadmill? LOL. Three runs works well for many people! I'm excited to see how you do. And, again -- that half marathon medal is HUGE. Congrats! Thanks for linking.

  4. Yes, I'm finding that all the runs are at a much harder effort than the 4x/week.

    You are right about the recipes having a lot of calories. A lot of the salads are really nutrient dense though and I've been experimenting with using less oil (they seem to use it like it's water :-) )

  5. That does sound like a good place to start! I like incorporating races in with my training... keeps it interesting.

  6. Ha! It's the Grilled Cheesus episode from Glee!