2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

I'm pretty excited to be on the Molex team again this year for the Chicago Marathon.  I had so much fun running it last year, so when a friend asked me to join... well, my arm really didn't have to be twisted that hard.  This is how my 2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1 went down.

This training cycle is a few weeks longer than my previous.  I've decided to jump in a little early with a few weeks of ramping up before the real fun begins.  I need to work on my discipline since I've been severely lacking in running consistently.

I am planning on working on strength and cross training again this cycle.  Since I got my bicycle and paddleboard, I plan on having some fun cross-training sessions with those as well as some time at the gym.  In addition, I plan on getting my diet tuned in (more on that later).

This week I was on vacation... I went back home to Kansas to spend some quality time with my family.  I had a blast going to softball games, baseball games, seeing the Royals beat the Yankees, and attending Wanderlust 108.  There was family game nights and movie nights and some time spent with friends in there too.  I managed to get in all my scheduled runs while I was there.  I enjoyed running in the country side on the dirt roads I ran when I was in high school.  Saturday I drove out to Lawrence as ran on the riverfront trails.

2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1:

Monday - 4 miles easy.

2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1 

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - 4 miles easy.

2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

Thursday - Rest

Friday - 4 miles easy.

2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

Saturday - 8 miles easy.

2018 Chicago Marathon Training - Week 1

Sunday - Rest Day.

Total Miles = 20

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  1. I didn't realize you were running Chicago again! I'm planning on spectating with Marcia--mile 13!

  2. I hope you are feeling refreshed after your vacation. It's fun to run in different places. Good luck as you train for Chicago in the Texas summer heat! You'll definitely be ready for whatever race day throws at you! Thanks for linking!