Life of leisure

I had 5 solid days off work... and it was blissful! I enjoyed being able to get my runs in during the morning hours before the heat of the day crept up. It sure made a difference! I am not a morning person, but these am runs made me remember why I suffered getting up at the *ss crack of dawn for so many years to run.

My birthday was Friday, so I made sure to schedule a run that morning (you should do things that make you happy on your special day).  It was speed work and Sorcha, one of my 4 footed running partners explored a new trail that had recently reopened.  It was AWESOME.  I ended up missing my Saturday run recovering from too much celebrations the night before, but I was ok with that.

My LSD run was on Sunday and it was so nice getting that knocked out while it was still cool, instead of when it was just beginning to cool off from 90+.

Yesterday, Sorcha and I went back on the new trail, it is a nice nature trail deep in the forested area of the woodlands, then runs along a golf course.  The run was an easy 4 mile with strides, so we took it slow and enjoyed it.  Even paused to checkout the golf course lake.





We are expected a couple of cool fronts to roll through Houston at the end of this week, which may make the evening running not as brutal.  I think I will be trying to figure out how to flex a little of my work time here and there to be able to run in the morning as much as I can.

Does anyone else run with their dog?

How do you feel about running in the morning versus evening?

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