Well, it happened...

Yup... I had two awful things happen yesterday. It was bound to happen, but on the same day!!?!

I got the "you don't look like a runner" comment from one of my co-workers. Yup, it irritated the heck out of me. Ok... so I'm not exactly long and lean, I'm vertically challenged! But, I do have 2 legs and they work... so why don't I look like a runner?  Tried to stay off the body shaming boat all day.

I had a really bad run. Well... I felt fine during my run, but I was really SLOW! Temps were 10+ degrees cooler than normal and I felt fine.  During my run I tried not to beat myself up for 12+ minute mile pace and tried to not over analyze it when I got home. 

Everyone has an off day... right?

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