Wow has stuff changed...

The last time I was seriously into running was in 2002-2003.  I did have a few non-cotton running outfits, but mostly everything I ran in was cotton based, including my sports bra.  Fast forward to 2015... most everything is now made from tech fiber that wicks your sweat. Best of all, it can be found everywhere, so it is accessible to everyone. 

Another new thing that I have recently acquired is a hands-free dog leash for running.  I have only taken it out once but so far I like what I have experienced. 

My new BFF is a foam roller.  I had never heard of one of these things until this summer when I was experiencing some really tight muscles.  I have a love/hate relationship with mine. 

Does anyone run in cotton t-shirts any more?

What is your favorite running "gadget?

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