New Shoes!

Who doesn't love getting new shoes?  It is one of my favorite things!  I recently read a blog post about Altra shoes and the large toe box and decided that I had to try them.  I have bunions on my feet and one foot is definitely worse than the other.  A lot of the shoes out there are too narrow in the toe box and squish my toes.  I have come up with a lacing scheme to help with the spacing issue.  I ordered the Altra Intuition 2.0 for a really great price.  Not ever wearing this brand or trying it on, I was a bit uncertain how I would like them.  Once they arrived, all my doubts were cast aside.  I tried them on and took them for a couple of laps around the office, they felt really good.  I couldn't wait to try them out on a run.

The following day, I took them out for a 3 mile run.  They felt great!  My toes had room, I didn't feel like they were being squished and I could even lace them up normally. I had read that the zero drop shoes take some getting used to, so I have them in my shoe rotation and will gradually work up to wearing them more.  I liked them so much I bought another pair today during my CyberMonday shopping.

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