Italiano Stuffed Potato

It isn't a secret I love baked potatoes!

I seriously think that I am on a mission to stuff a potato with every type of cuisine that there is.

This potato is stuffed with some Gardein meatless meatballs, a homemade sauce full of mushrooms and some dairy-free mozzarella cheese to top it off.  While this combo is great on top of a bed of pasta, the potato is a great blank canvas for it as well.

I used the sauce from my Monster Sketti. This dish comes together very quickly... you can even make the sauce while the potatoes are cooking.

 Italiano Stuffed Potato
Italiano Stuffed Potato
Baked Potato
Meatless Meatballs (I used Gardein brand)
Dairy Free Mozzarella (I used Daiya brand)
Combine the spaghetti sauce and meatballs in a sauce pan and cook until the meatballs are heated through.
Cut open the baked potato and squish it open.
Ladle sauce and meatballs on potato.
Sprinkle cheese on top. Place in oven under broiler until cheese is melted.

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  1. Great idea for a quick and easy meal! Thanks for linking up today

  2. I could definitely get on board with this! Thanks for linking up! YUM!

  3. Oh you always come up with the most creative stuffed potato recipes! This one sounds so good! Can't wait to try it out =)

  4. I always love seeing your stuffed potato ideas! What is so cool is that you treat them like sandwiches but it's healthier without all the white bread! Keep em coming!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for Healthy Vegan Fridays! I’m Pinning and sharing!