5 Goals For The Santa Hustle

Happy Friday!  Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies for the Friday Five 2.0!  This week the topic is holiday gifts... I've shared with you some ideas for gifts here and here. This week I'm going off topic and sharing with you my 5 goals my upcoming race this weekend.

Sunday I will be running in the Santa Hustle half marathon in Galveston, TX.  This will be my 5th half marathon this year. I am not racing this one, I am using it as a training run.  I have 14 miles scheduled on Sunday, and thought it would be fun to use a half marathon as a training run. Even though I'm not racing it, I still have some goals for the day.

  1. Practice pre-race nutrition (including day prior meals and breakfast). Although I pretty much have what I eat before a race down, doesn't hurt to make absolutely sure it agrees with my stomach.

  2. Execute on fueling and hydration strategy during the race.

  3. Keep pace "steady" through the race... training plan calls for 10:29-11:00.

  4. Dress appropriately for the weather... don't freeze, but don't overdress.

  5. Have fun!!

Any one else sign up for races as training runs?  Do you make goals for races other than time goals?

I'm linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!


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