Workouts - Last Week Today - February 26

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgThis week was a week of what I would call the best laid plans gone awry.  I had the best intentions for the week, but things didn't go as planned.  I still managed to eek out 24 miles for the week, thanks to the half marathon I decided to run on Saturday.

Follow along to see how my week went a little nuts.

This is how my week ended up:

Sunday - Easy 8 miles... as planned.


Monday - planned = 3 recovery miles with the Gooses Acre Running Club; what really happened = rest.  It was storming all dang day... thunder storms with lightning mixed in... homey doesn't play outside in those conditions.

Tuesday - planned = yin yoga class; what really happened = rest. For some reason I got the class times all mixed up and I got to class 20 minutes after it started... headed home and since we had company, I changed and visited instead of just doing yoga on my own.

Wednesday - planned = 3 easy miles; what really happened = rest... I left work as planned, was in my running clothes, but I was stuck on the highway for OVER 2 HOURS.  I realized that I could have probably got home faster if I ran... it was then I opted to look at the weekend forecast and saw that it was going to be gorgeous.  I decided to sign up for a half marathon when I got home.

Thursday - planned = 3 miles progressive; what really happened = some yin yoga on my own in the am, and 3 miles easy in the evening... decided I needed an easy run since I was going to run a half on Saturday.


Friday - Rest. (as planned)

Saturday - planned = 4 miles easy with one of the dogs. actual = Jail Break Run half marathon (the weather did not disappoint).


Total Miles = 24

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  1. Yay for the (last-minute?) half! We don't have options like that in my area #jealous ;-)

  2. Haha funny how our weeks don't always turn out as expected! There is a half this weekend I have sort of considered signing up for... i may pull something similar and sign up lol! We'all see!

  3. Congrats on finishing a half marathon last weekend! You gotta love the gorgeous weather! That makes up for those unplanned rest days you had to take earlier in the week!

  4. I guess that is one thing Houston has going for it... and if not, there are other options within a 3 hour drive.

  5. By the end of the week, it just made me laugh! I'll have to check back and see if you signed up for a last minute half :-)

  6. Yes, after signing up for the half, I didn't feel as bad about missing my runs :-)

  7. I have never, ever signed up for a half on a whim! Well, at least not one in the same week -- mostly because they usually involve travel.

    Life does have a way of interfering, doesn't it?

  8. After getting stuck outside in a violent thunderstorm while walking my dogs, HoHo doesn't play outside in those conditions either! It sounds like you had a great half marathon despite the obstacles during the week. I'm glad the weather was on board for you. That really makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for linking, Vicki!

  9. Congrats on that last minute half. I've been known to do that before... Ahem...

  10. Yay for last minute races! And for making this week work for you Vicki!
    Great job !!!

  11. It amazes me that you still ran 24 miles in a week with so many schedule bumps. Very inspiring. And you just thought "hey, I'm going to run a half marathon this weekend" haha. That's pretty awesome too ;)

  12. It ended up just being the "perfect storm"... the hubs was out of town, the weather was gorgeous!

  13. It was the "perfect storm"... the hubs was out of town, the weather was going to be perfect, and there was a half within the greater Houston area.