Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 2

Chicago Marathon training - week 13

This week marks the second week of my training cycle for Brazos Bend 50k.  Truth be told, I felt awful this week and didn't get any runs in.  I thought about not writing this post, but in the spirit of transparency and realness, here it is.  This is Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 2.

Every week isn't going to by rainbows and puppy dogs.  This week I felt more like the statue than the pigeon, but life goes on.  I decided that rest was what my body was craving.

I did keep up with the Superman/Squat/Twists challenge that Rachel is hosting, but not much else.  Exhaustion was the theme of my week.

My Saturday was spent volunteering at the main aide station at Jackalope Jam.  It was enjoyable and fulfilling helping the runners and cheering them on.  It was almost as fun as racing.

Brazos Bend 50k Training - Week 2

Monday - 80 supermans.

Tuesday - 40 minutes stationary bike.  80 squats.

Wednesday - 80 Russian twists.

Thursday - 90 supermans.

Friday - 90 squats.

Saturday - 90 Russian Twists

Sunday - Rest

Total Miles = 0.0

I'm linking up with HoHo Runs and Taking The Long Way Home for the Weekly Wrap.

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  1. I sure hope you are feeling better this week. Glad to see you kept up with the SST challenge!

  2. Way to listen to your body. Volunteering sounds like fun and I'd like to do it when I can. Great job continuing your challenge! Those are high numbers!

  3. Thanks for keeping it real. If you are exhausted, a rest week is the perfect solution. It's wonderful you could keep up with your challenge. anyway. I hope you are feeling recharged after your break! Thanks for linking.

  4. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do...your gut instinct usually is on-point, and if rest was on the radar, it was probably needed. Great job with the Challenge...these final days/weeks have gotten tough!

  5. You definitely deserve some rest from time to time, Vicki! Don't stress yourself and relax whenever you feel exhausted. Volunteering seems like an excellent thing!

  6. Yes (well, except for the dang food hangover) I think the rest did me good.

  7. I think the rest did me some good :-)